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For complete painting and pressure washing expertise in Avon Lake, trust the professionals at Sandrock Painting Inc! We care about your home as much as we care about ours, and we work hard to make sure every property we service is left with perfect results. It can be hard to find a sincere, hard-working contractor these days. Even in Avon Lake, there are many companies that claim to be professional yet lack the work ethic that goes along with it. You don't have to worry about meeting a company like that with Sandrock Painting Inc.

We want our community to know that we don't just talk a good game, we work hard to back up our talk. The reputation we've built for ourselves all comes from the dedication to what we do. When there's painting or pressure washing to be done, rest assured that with our team at the job, you really are getting the best in the industry.

Avon Lake's Favorite House Painters

Being able to customize your home in Avon Lake is one of the most satisfactory things you can do as a homeowner. Let our top-notch painting contractors help you reach your vision with our elite painting services. With top-quality paint and professional painting equipment like brushes and sturdy ladders, our pros can prepare and paint almost any surface you can imagine.

We specialize in exterior painting that can really flip the outward look of your home! But if you're interested more in changing the appearances of your living spaces, our interior painting expertise is unparalleled! Your home's style can be almost completely changed with our beautiful and brilliant premium paints. We cover walls, bricks, ceilings, and more with a perfectly even hand that produces satisfying results every time. Get your Avon Lake home looking the way you want it to with the area's most trusted painting contractor-- Sandrock Painting Inc.

Hire Our Pressure Washing Experts To Revive Your Home In Avon Lake

Pressure washing is a dirty, gritty job, and no one performs it better than our pros at Sandrock Painting Inc. We have all the most up-to-date pressure washing equipment and methods to revitalize your home with a dazzling clean! You deserve the best of the best when it comes to pressure washing services, and we always deliver. We have an array of options to get your property cleaned, and with our experts hard at work, you'll be amazed at the before and after. Some of the pressure washing services we provide include:

  • House washing that completely cleans all manner of house sidings. Every siding material gets pressure washed with precision and care
  • Driveway washing for removing layers of grime off your driveway. We can even pressure wash stains away to reveal a like-new look and feel.
  • Paver restoration to brighten and restore the appearance of your pavers. Sun, rain, and other pollutants can make them look dull, but we can reverse that in just a days' time.

Remember that pressure washing isn't just for good looks. While it certainly boosts your home's curb appeal, it also protects your property as well. Clean surfaces stay healthy and more functional longer, which is exactly what you want when you own a home. Whether you're in Avon Lake or close by, give Sandrock Painting Inc a try for professional excellence in revitalizing your home.


Exterior Painting In Avon Lake, OH
Exterior Painting In Avon Lake, OH
This homeowner contacted us after having a large overhang constructed over their back patio. The ceiling of the overhang was made up of appearance grade boards which needed to be sealed to protect th […]


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