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Tips For Finding & Hiring A Painting Contractor In Avon Lake


Has your home's exterior paint started to dry up and chip away in the sun? Are the rooms in your house looking duller by the month as their original interior paint ages? Recognizing that you need to hire a professional painting contractor to address your need for painting services is the first step towards getting beautiful results. Too many Avon Lake homeowners think that their interior or exterior painting service is something that they can turn into a weekend DIY project, and they soon learn how wrong they are.

But if you already know that you are in need of an industry expert, then the trick really becomes about making sure that you pick just the right one. Since you don't want to make a mistake selecting your industry expert, there are some things you should know in order to make the best decision for your unique situation.

What You Need To Know

Being able to rely on a professional painter to take care of the work for you is going to make your project a stress-free process. However, it still means making sure that you pick the right pro. The following tips are a few great ways to make sure you know how to pick and hire the right painting contractor:

  • References: It's always a good idea to ask people you know and trust who it is that they used. Or, if you notice a home in your area that you think looks good, this is also a good candidate to inquire about which professional they hired.
  • Compare quotes: Keep in mind that while getting 3 different quotes is still a good idea, you are not doing this just to find the cheapest price. The idea is to find value. This means exceptional results for a fair and reasonable price.
  • Look for experience: Find someone already reputable and established. This means a contractor who has already spent years earning a strong reputation through hard work, quality results, and excellence in customer care. Feel free to ask for a portfolio of previous work as well as references.
  • Get clear service outlines: You want an idea of exactly what is included in the price. Ask the prospective contractor to spell it out in writing and if you or the painter make any amendments, you should both initial it. You would be surprised to learn that some so-called pros try to cut corners by leaving out the preparation work or using inferior quality paint.

The bottom line is that this is your home and your painting project, and you should never settle for inferior results. Do your research and make sure you're choosing the right painting contractor to help you with your projects. It will make all the difference!

The Name To Trust

Ask around and you will hear countless Avon Lake homeowners rave about Sandrock Painting Inc. Since 2014, we have been providing our clients with the finest in superior painting and pressure washing services and results. We look forward to taking care of the painting service needs that you have for your home.


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