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Avon Lake House Washing For A Well-Kept Home

House washing

Give your Avon Lake home a phenomenally fresh finish with house washing from the pros at Sandrock Painting Inc and make your home the envy of the neighborhood! You could spend big bucks giving your home a curb appeal makeover with remodels or renovations, but it would take months to complete. Instead, make your home's exterior look brand new for a fraction of the cost with a professional house washing from the experts at Sandrock Painting Inc.

Harsh outdoor elements can take their toll on your home's exterior surfaces. UV light, salt air, and snow and ice damage can cause your exterior surfaces to become weathered and dull. Damp conditions and tree canopy coverage can allow your surfaces to become susceptible to the growth of algae, lichen, and other invasive organisms. House washing can reverse the damage caused by weathering and can remove harmful pollutants at their source. House washing offers your Avon Lake home a variety of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Elevated property value
  • A healthy living environment
  • Sanitized and disinfected outdoor gathering areas

Exterior Home Cleaning

House washing will thoroughly clean your home's porous exterior surfaces, preventing the growth of mold and mildew, which can penetrate your exterior surfaces and spread to your substructure. Sandrock Painting Inc is the painting contractor in the Avon Lake area that can expertly eliminate germs and bacteria from your outdoor surfaces, creating a healthier outdoor living space for your family, neighbors, and guests to enjoy.

For house washing and other residential exterior cleaning services for your home, call our specialists today at 440-522-5822 to schedule your free consultation for our services. We can take your home to a new level of clean with pressure washing services like:

Soft Wash House Washing Services To Revitalize Your Home

Soft washing utilizes biodegradable, environmentally-friendly solutions to gently clean your fragile exterior surfaces and eliminate dirt and contaminants at their source. Things like bird droppings, grime, algae, and other pollutants are gently washed away with fresh water, leaving no debris and no residue. You'll love the clean look of your home and the beautifully fresh feel of your exterior surfaces.

At Sandrock Painting Inc, we value our reputation and work hard to ensure that every project results in quality workmanship and exceptional customer service experience. We are up to date on the latest soft washing applications, cleaning products, and procedures, and we use state-of-the-art, commercial-grade equipment in all of our services. We offer free estimates and free consultations so you can be sure that your services are custom-tailored to meet your specific exterior cleaning needs. When you're ready to take your Avon Lake home to the next level of clean, call the house washing specialists at Sandrock Painting Inc.


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